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A Visionary Catalyst for Global Transformation. Racquel Moses is a dynamic leader with a track record of driving transformative growth and change worldwide. With an impressive portfolio of leadership roles, Racquel has consistently pushed boundaries and spearheaded impactful initiatives in various industries.Currently serving as the CEO and a Director for the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator, Racquel leads the charge in driving climate-smart solutions and sustainable development across the Caribbean region. Her visionary guidance and strategic leadership have positioned the organization at the forefront of climate action.Her versatility enables her contributions which span many disciplines including currently serving as a Global Web3 Board member for, as a Trustee for the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee, and as a UNFCCC Global Ambassador. As a champion for global climate action, she actively advocates for change and promotes sustainability at a global level. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Racquel has made significant contributions in previous leadership positions, including her roles as the Head of Microsoft Trinidad and Tobago, President of InvesTT, and Regional Vice President for Fujitsu. Her strategic vision and ability to drive innovation have propelled organizations to achieve remarkable success.Racquel’s passion for collaboration and coalition-building has played a pivotal role in shaping regional consensus on critical issues such as climate change, sustainability, and building resilience. Her ability to inspire minds and drive impactful change has made her an influential force in shaping the global agenda.

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