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As global coleader of McKinsey Sustainability, Daniel helps leading organizations decarbonize, transform their core businesses, hyperscale new climate technologies, and build capabilities to win in the energy transition. He advises companies in the aerospace, defense, industrial, and technology sectors on how to innovate and transform in pursuit of a more secure, affordable, clean, and inclusive future.

In support of that future, Daniel also co-leads McKinsey’s partnership with the World Economic Forum, and is passionate about raising the ambition of leaders across the private, public, and philanthropic sectors when it comes to accelerating the energy transition.

Within the firm, Daniel built and led the Aerospace & Defense and Industrial Practices in the Americas. He has also served as a member of McKinsey’s global operating team for three years, founded and led a standalone venture that incubated and scaled digital capabilities and assets across 1,500 practitioners, and started the McKinsey alliance and partnership team.

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