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Zack’s belief that the systems-level thinking integral to environmental science coupled with Deep Tech can help tackle many of our urgent climate challenges led him to cofound DCVC in 2010. He brings to bear over 20 years in Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, advisor, and angel investor. DCVC is an early-stage Deep Tech venture capital firm with over $3 billion of assets under management. Zack’s investments on behalf of the firm span computational drug discovery, nuclear energy, synthetic biology, geospatial informatics platforms, and applied AI for global-scale climate impact, including areas like methane abatement and carbon transformation. Zack serves on the boards of Twelve, Oklo, Kairos Aerospace, CH4 Global, and Recursion Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: RXRX). Zack received a bachelor’s degree with honors in environmental science and public policy from Harvard University and a JD with honors from Georgetown University’s law school.

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