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Sherry Madera is a prominent thought leader on sustainability, with a focus on sustainable finance, environmental data and public policy. As CEO, Sherry manages a global leadership team and staff across the UK, Europe, North America, Singapore, Japan, China and Latin America. Prior to joining CDP, Sherry was Chair of the Future of Sustainable Data Alliance (FoSDA), a global organization focused on supporting data requirements to drive success in sustainable finance. As Senior Vice President, Public Policy for Mastercard, Sherry led on identifying trends and issues that are a priority for governments, industry and regulators for strategic engagement. A unique combination of former investment banker and diplomat, Sherry has held roles at the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), the City of London and the British Embassy in Beijing, as well as Non-Executive Director Roles at Sondrel Limited and the University of Nottingham. Sherry speaks regularly in global forums on topics including sustainable finance, FinTech, international trade, data policy and geopolitics. She is also author of the upcoming book, Navigating Sustainability Data: How Organizations can use ESG Data to Secure Their Future, set for publication in January 2024.

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