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Khaled Al Huraimel, a forward-thinking futurist, is a driving force behind positive change through sustainability and technology. As the Group Chief Executive Officer of BEEAH Group since August 2009, he has transformed the organization from a leading waste management business in Sharjah to an international powerhouse serving the UAE, KSA, Egypt, and beyond. Khaled’s vision to merge sustainability and digitalization has resulted in exponential growth, regional firsts, and a transformative impact on global quality of life, from leading Sharjah’s zero-waste journey to pioneering clean energy innovations, such as the UAE’s first waste-to-energy plant, he is dedicated to building a net-zero future. Khaled’s passion for innovation and artificial intelligence has shaped BEEAH into a technology-driven organization, culminating in the creation of the region’s first fully AI-integrated building. He strategically collaborated with Zaha Hadid Architects to establish an ‘Office of the Future,’ envisioning tomorrow’s sustainable, smart cities. Under his leadership, BEEAH has expanded internationally, becoming a sustainability partner for key cities in KSA and Egypt. Beyond BEEAH, he chairs multiple companies, co-founded ventures, and co-authored “Reimagining Business with AI” published by Wiley in 2020, solidifying his commitment to technological growth and a sustainable future.

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