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Ingvil Smines

Ingvil is CEO and co-founder of EWP. She previously served as the Minister of National Public Security, responsible for the Directorate for Public Safety and Emergency Planning, the Civil Protection Act, and cyber security. Moreover, she has also held the position of Minister of Svalbard.

Before serving as Minister, she was the Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Energy, CCS, responsible for exploration policy, development and operations. She was also accountable for the government’s climate policy.

Ingvil served the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for several years with responsibility in the O&G sector and the Middle East. During her tenure, she extensively worked on industrial policy analyses.

She has held several managerial positions in both the public and private sectors. In her early days, she worked as a professional climber and instructor for the Norwegian Military Academy, where she educated officers of the Norwegian Army on leadership, rescue techniques, and safety.

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