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Arief Rabik’s profound connection with bamboo, cultivated since his early years, has evolved into a distinguished career spanning over two decades. An environmental scientist and strategic leader, Arief seamlessly navigates both grassroots involvement and high-level corporate and political spheres. As the former director of Indonesia’s Environmental Bamboo Foundation, he spearheaded the groundbreaking 1000 Bamboo Villages project, introducing a forest-to-factory system, standardizing agroforestry practices, and fostering economic incentives for bamboo market expansion and restoration. Recognized with a 2019 Climate Breakthrough Award, Arief remains pivotal in combating deforestation linked to Indonesia’s palm oil industry. In 2023, he established the Bamboo Village Trust, a charitable platform mobilizing contributions for bamboo villages and fostering a network of influential ambassadors to drive social forestry and cooperative development. A member of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration Advisory Board, Arief aims to establish 200 bamboo villages, including 100 in Indonesia, by 2029.

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