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Possible Futures: Unlocking the Amazon’s trillion-dollar nature positive economy

Context and challenges

Today, the calculation of GDP does not factor in the services provided by forests ecosystems and biodiversity, even though they constitute the foundation of livability on earth and amount to the equivalent of 1.5x of global GDP.

In this context, Indigenous communities contribute to the stewardship of ~80% of global biodiversity, which implies that they have a key role in the field of nature-based assets. However, today their empowerment is still limited, and their existence constantly threatened.

Initiative Description

O.N.E. Amazon and Impact One created a practical, scalable, and evidence-based climate solutions system that connects international financial markets and innovation leaders to the communities involved on the climate frontlines. The initiative’s goal is to address the overlooked value of nature-assets in current economic models. Additionally, it aims to:

  • Activate the Amazon Rainforest as a nature-based asset by monetizing its ecosystem services (e.g., natural cycles and processes support and regulation, rain making, provisioning, etc.)
  • Use environmental credits, sustainable and scalable market-based financial mechanisms, and latest data technologies
  • Establish revenue streams through sustainable forest management, to remunerate ecosystem services generated by Indigenous and Local Communities
  • Ensure deployment of the funds in nature-positive and sustainable development activities by Indigenous and Local Communities
  • Use a data-driven approach and Internet of Forests for real-time precision monitoring of ecosystems

Commitments from Business & Philanthropy

Join Possible Futures by submitting a letter to:

  • Commit to compensate your impact through investments into biodiversity credits
  • Promote financing of R&D to establish transparent and fair ecosystem evaluation
  • Amplify indigenous voice and empower indigenous leaders in decision-making processes

Participate in the initial security offering by O.N.E. Amazon

Express interest in the initiative’s dedicated local SPV1s to support R&D, and the registration and monetization of carbon, biodiversity credits and payment for ecosystem services

How to get involved?

  1. Special purpose vehicle
Source: OECD “Biodiversity: Finance and the Economic and Business Case for Action” calculates the value of global ecosystem services as 1.5x the global GDP
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