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New Funding on Super Pollutants: Addressing the overlooked climate super pollutants

Context and challenges

Over half of current global warming is a consequence of super pollutants (mainly fluorinated gasses, nitrous oxides, black carbon, ground-level ozone, and methane).

Addressing these, along with ambitious decarbonization efforts, will help address global warming four times faster than a sole focus on CO2 emissions. This will also contribute to avoiding ~2.5 Mn yearly fatalities from air pollution.

Yet, less than 2% of climate financing is aimed at mitigation of super-pollutants.

Initiative Description

The US-China Sunnylands Statement indicates that both countries will work to include methane and non-CO2 climate pollutants in the next NDC1 process.

In this context, leading climate philanthropies will announce investments (final number to be announced before/at BPCF) over the next five years to help catalyze a phase-down of climate super pollutants through a portfolio of initiatives.

The funding will help countries incorporate all non-CO2 GHG2 in their new NDC targets for 2035 and leverage additional resources to triple climate finance in this category by 2030.

If successful, these initiatives can help reduce global warming by 0.5oC in the coming decades, parallel to the continuation of fossil fuels phase-out.

Commitments from Business & Philanthropy

Join the fund as an investor (current commitments: USD +100 Mn)

How to get involved?

Reach out to the team to know more about the initiatives supported and to get involved


  1. Nationally determined contribution

  2. Green house gas

Source: Global Methane Hub

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