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Innovate for Climate Tech: Promoting access to capital, talent, and innovation in the Global South

Context and challenges

The lag in global adoption of existing climate technologies hampers the ability to abate ~70% of emissions.

Additionally, there is a need to accelerate the development and deployment of emerging and nascent technologies to achieve Net Zero.

Start-up investment flows are lopsided with only 25% of start-up investment allocated to the Global South, despite representing 40% of GDP.

Initiative Description

COP28 facilitates Innovate for Climate Tech (ICT), a coalition initiated by Masdar City, Tencent and the Catalyst. The coalition aims to connect and strengthen Global South climate tech ecosystems by scaling climate tech solutions, democratizing access to knowledge and capacity building.

The coalition intends to reach its goals through several initiatives:

  • Online platform: Launched at COP28, the ICT coalition will feature the launch of TanLIVE’s global version whose platform brings together all climate tech stakeholders and promotes access to capital, talent, and innovation in the Global South. The platform showcases cutting-edge technologies, facilitates strategic partnerships, publishes climate-related reports and insights, and promotes entrepreneurs
  • Offline platform: Series of industry panels which feature climate tech experts and innovators, showcase innovative technologies from local and global startups and SMEs, and support networking

Commitments from Business & Philanthropy

Join the coalition as a knowledge partner, financial/roll-out partner, and/or program partner

Register and support initiatives to amplify globally

Register as a user in the global version of TanLIVE once it is launched at COP28

How to get involved?

  • Reach out to the COP28 innovation team to express interest in partnership
  • Contact the ICT team to identify collaboration areas with the coalition and receive the LOI to formalize participation

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