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First Movers Coalition for Food: Securing demand for low-emissions agri-food systems

Context and challenges

Nearly 10% of the global population ~0.8 Bn people were undernourished in 2020, and over 30% 2.37 Bn people did not have access to diversified sources of food.

Meanwhile, food and agriculture is responsible for ~33% of global GHG emissions, 70% of freshwater withdrawals, and it is the main driver of deforestation and biodiversity loss.

Up to 70% of the global agri-food system’s GHG emissions are caused by six commodities: beef cattle, dairy, rice, row crops, soy and palm oil.

Initiative Description

The First Movers Coalition for Hard-to-Abate Agri-Commodities for Food (FMC4Food) seeks to accelerate the adoption of sustainable production methods and technologies for agricultural commodities through the lever of aggregated demand.

The initiative seeks to provide consistent and credible demand signals to transform the production and procurement of hard-to-abate commodities within the agri-food system. This demand-driven coalition will reduce risks of low-emission agri-food projects to unlock public and private investments.

FMC4Food will be announced at COP28. Founding members are leading companies and endorsing governments (including UAE) recognizing that accelerating sustainable practices and innovation is critical to address the urgency of climate and food crisis.

Beef cattle, dairy, rice and row crops have been prioritized as “first wave commodities” for the FMC4Food.

Commitments from Business & Philanthropy

Join the First Mover Coalition and share knowledge and best practices within the network to formalize the FMC4Food initiative

Make a procurement commitment to drive change towards the widespread adoption of sustainable agricultural commodities

Enable financing to transform food systems

How to get involved?

Reach out to the WEF team to discuss and commit in the actions above



Source: World Economic Forum

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