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Financing the Future of Food: A hybrid financing vehicle to sustain food systems in the Global South

Context and challenges

Food systems encompassing production, transport, processing, energy, waste are globally responsible for ~33% of GHG emissions and ~88% of deforestation; this environmental impact will continuously increase if no drastic measure is taken to curb the trend.

At the same time, food systems receive only 3% of funding, and the Global South receives less than 12% of global PE and VC funding within the sustainability sectors.

Initiative Description

Financing the Future of Food is a platform to direct private channel funding towards impactful and sustainable food systems projects in the Global South.

The initiative seeks to reduce financial risks associated with these investments and avoid burdening the Global South countries with additional guaranteed requirements, through a collateralized pool of assets.

Financing the Future of Food seeks to raise USD 1 Bn through 100% private participants in a defined structure with multiple rounds.

The first projects to be funded are across Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean and the structure will be announced and go live during the BPCF.

Commitments from Business & Philanthropy

Join as an investor in the structured vehicle, either as sustainability enabling bond investor, or as impact bond investor

How to get involved?

Reach out to the team to get more information and commit


1: Greenhouse gas 

Source: The World Economic Forum

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