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Climate Investment Platform: A venture to scale-up climate technologies in the Global South

Context and challenges

The Global South is disproportionally affected by climate change but suffers a shortfall in funding of climate technologies. The region receives only ~9% of global climate venture capital investment despite representing 40% of global GDP.

An estimate of USD 9 Tn of climate investment would be required to address the issue by 2030.

Initiative Description

The Climate Investment Platform (CIP) channels catalytic capital to scale up proven climate technologies in EMDEs focused on the reduction of emissions.

Designed by COP28 and funded by a mix of international institutional investors, philanthropic foundations, and government entities, the CIP will deploy capital through a mix of direct venture investments and a fund-of-funds strategy. The blended capital stack aims to accelerate climate venture investing and seeding of new funds in EMDEs.

The first fund will focus on the Middle East, Africa, South and South-East Asia and invest in proven technologies, capital light technology and business model adaptation to EMDEs, across energy, transport, buildings and agriculture. The focus is on growth stage businesses (Series A-C), with an allocation to seed and follow-on investments.

USD 1 Bn USD 300 Mn USD 3.5 Bn
Fund Target Raised to Date Total expected leverage

Commitments from Business & Philanthropy

Invest in the fund as a commercial capital provider

Invest into the fund as de-risking capital provider LP into the junior tranche (e.g., philanthropic capital providers, governments, etc.)

Flag your interest as a GP in raising capital for a fund focused within a sector or geography within the investment mandate

How to get involved?

Reach out to the Finance COP28 team to learn more and commit to the fund


NOTE: As an investor in CIP, you are directly contributing to the COP28 presidential agenda of fixing climate finance, through an innovative solution that unleashes the potential of the private sector and closes the gap in availability of climate finance for EMDEs

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