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Welcome to the COP28 Business & Philanthropy Climate Forum


At this pivotal juncture in our shared human history, marked by unprecedented global challenges and the urgent need for collective action, we look forward to welcoming you to the inaugural COP28 Business & Philanthropy Climate Forum from 30th November to 2nd December, 2023. This Forum serves as a pivotal moment for stakeholders from diverse sectors to converge and address the pressing issues surrounding climate change and nature degradation.

As global business leaders and leading philanthropists, your participation will undoubtedly contribute to the collaborative efforts required to drive positive climate action for nature, people and planet.

The Forum will be an opportunity to:

  1. Connect and engage with global leaders and policy makers on the key actions required in climate action and nature preservation.
  2. Learn through the exchange of ideas and sharing of lessons with like-minded peers from across sectors and geographies
  3. Facilitate conversations with other leaders and expand your network for long-term impact in nature and climate action.

The Business & Philanthropy Climate Forum will be held concurrently with the World Climate Action Summit at the beginning of the two-week COP28 program that runs from 30 November to 12 December at Expo City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We look forward to your participation and are delighted to welcome you to the UAE.


H.E. Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber Badr Jafar
COP28 President COP28 Special Representative for Business & Philanthropy

What to expect from the Forum

The Business & Philanthropy Climate Forum is COP28’s private sector engagement platform to engage global business leaders and philanthropists alongside policy makers through an interactive program focused on accelerating delivery and results for nature, people and planet. 

27 Plenary Sessions

Across the Forum, you will have the opportunity to network with your peers and focus on how we align across geographies, industries and finance roadmaps to accelerate sustainability outcomes. In line with the four key pillars set out by the COP28 Presidency, we look to the power of collective action to achieve a sustainable future.

20 Roundtable Discussions

We invite you to collaborate with your peers and those with a shared interest in your respective areas of focus, to demonstrate how we can meet the level of ambition that the world needs to achieve climate and nature goals. While there is a rapidly closing window to course correct, there are key opportunities for the swift scale-up of our collective ambition.

9 Global Partners to Drive Change

COP28 Business & Philanthropy Climate Forum is delivered in partnership with: Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI), Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), Asian Development Bank (ADB), IDB Invest, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), World Economic Forum (WEF), XPRIZE and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Four key pillars set out by the COP28 Presidency

Fast tracking the energy transition & slashing emissions before 2030

Transforming climate finance; delivering on a framework for a new deal

Putting nature, people, lives and livelihoods at the heart of climate action

Mobilizing for the most inclusive COP ever




The COP28 Business & Philanthropy Forum provides a platform for the private sector and philanthropy to deliver on climate and biodiversity targets. It also showcases a range of tangible and immediate opportunities for engagement across the four key pillars of COP28, which you can explore below.


Fast-track a just and orderly energy transition

COP28 Coal

Purchase transition credits to accelerate the early retirement of unabated coal-fired power plants, currently responsible for 27% of global energy and industrial emissions

Energy Transition Accelerator

Commit to fund renewable energy projects to accelerate the energy transition in emerging markets and developing economies

Enteric Fermentation R&D Accelerator

Join early investors from philanthropy and private sector to accelerate methane mitigation in livestock production

First Movers Coalition

Join the coalition and commit to purchasing products/services based on clean technologies to support the decarbonization of high emitting industrial sectors

Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet

Join various partnerships to drive systemic shifts across Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) and Green Grids in the Global South

Industry Transition Accelerator

Join the accelerator to help reduce emissions from energy, transport and heavy emitting industries, which account for ~65% of global emissions

Methane Data to Action Fund

Join early investors from philanthropy, governments and private sector to cut-off methane emissions and drive effective methane policies by leveraging satellite data

Methane Fund

Join a newly created methane fund (as GP, LP, partner) to help abate 5% of GHG emissions from the O&G industry by 2030

Combat Super Pollutants

Join a philanthropist fund to address climate super pollutants (black carbon, N2O, ozone, methane) and contribute to prevent 0.5oC of global warming, and prevent 60% of air pollution related mortality.

Health for Climate

Join the Net Zero movement of leading healthcare organizations and commit to ambitious Net Zero targets across the healthcare systems supply chain.


Fix climate finance and make it more available, affordable, and accessible

Blended Finance Vehicle

Join as equity or strategic partner in the vehicle that develops climate related projects and businesses in emerging markets and developing economies

Climate and Nature Moonshots

Sponsor and promote funding of new moonshot innovation projects focused on Coral Restoration and Energy Transition

Voluntary Carbon Markets

Commit to purchasing high-integrity carbon credits to help scale high-integrity Voluntary Carbon Markets, which are needed to address 40% of emissions by 2030

Climate Solutions Investment Platform

Join Climate Solutions Investment Platform with a target of $750 Mn to scale companies globally in decarbonization and climate change solutions.

Innovate for Climate Tech

Join a global coalition with the vision to support development and adoption of climate-tech solutions with a special focus on the Global South


Focus on people, nature, lives and livelihoods

Financing the Future of Food

Invest in the funding platform to accelerate the development of sustainability rich food systems focusing on the Global South

First Movers Coalition for Food

Join the coalition and make procurement commitments to transform food supply chains

Food System Innovation at Scale

Invest to support scale-up of scientifically based and cost-effective solutions to support food systems innovations for low and middle income countries

Nature Positive for Climate Action

Make a Nature Positive commitment to reduce business impact on climate and revert the catastrophic loss of nature by 2030

Water Resilience Coalition

Join the Water Resilience Coalition to address 100+ water-stressed basins and elevate global water resilience by 2030


Foster full inclusivity

COP28 & SME Climate Hub for MENA

Promote the hub aimed at providing SMEs with resources, tools and services to help with their decarbonization journey

Indigenous Peoples

Join the fund to provide direct financing for Indigenous Peoples and organizations, to help them protect and restore nature and biodiversity


Join a system that unlocks the Amazon’s trillion-dollar regenerative economy by connecting international financial markets and innovation leaders to the communities on the climate frontlines

Join the Planet

Commit to the “Join Planet Foundation” and accelerate the restoration and regeneration of degraded  natural ecosystems with social integration in its community and surroundings

The Climate-related Corporate Performance and Accountability System (CPAS)

Join the framework to commit to gold standards of transparency, integrity and accountability in your company’s journey to Net Zero.

Skills for a Greener Future

Join the ‘Global Coalition on Skills for a Green Future’, that emphasizes the urgent need for transforming education and training systems and incorporates essential green skills and competencies

Gender Inclusion

Join the call to action to accelerate climate adaptation and mitigation efforts, systematically addressing the specific demands, needs and vulnerabilities of women and girls across the Global South

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