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The COP28 Business & Philanthropy Climate Forum has drawn to a close, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who were able to join us in advancing a transformative paradigm of action. Your engagement has been instrumental in fostering cross-sectoral progress towards our shared aspirations of achieving net-zero and nature-positive goals. A comprehensive event report will soon be made available.

For those unable to attend, worry not-the video recordings of the insightful sessions will be made available soon, allowing everyone to catch up on the enriching discussions.

Thank you for joining us on this impactful journey towards a sustainable future.


COP28’s engagement platform for the Private Sector

Held concurrently with the heads of state-level World Climate Action Summit at the beginning of the two-week COP28 program, the Business & Philanthropy Climate Forum (BPCF) is COP28’s multistakeholder engagement platform for the Private Sector, dedicated to driving cross-sectoral advancements towards achieving net zero and nature-positive goals. This CEO-level inclusive global gathering unites philanthropists and global business leaders, harnessing their dynamism, practical knowledge, wealth of resources, and capacity for delivering results to expedite climate and nature action. 

To disrupt business as usual and fix climate finance we need action from everyone. We are committed to underpinning everything at COP28 with full inclusivity and we want to bring together key stakeholders to work on collective solutions. That is why I am hosting the Business & Philanthropy Climate Forum to deliver concrete outcomes from the private and philanthropic sectors that can be presented at the highest levels of COP28. Businesses and philanthropists must play leading roles in meeting net zero pathways and delivering sustainable development and at COP28 they will have a platform to do so.

H.E. Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber
COP28 President-Designate

Ensuring highest-level engagement and action-driven outcomes

The Forum will convene 500 business and philanthropy leaders, along with policymakers, with an ambitious agenda, designed to:


Foster Collaboration

Provide a convening platform for business and philanthropy stakeholders to collaborate and engage with other stakeholders in government and civil society.


Share Insights

Discuss and agree on various avenues and interventions through which business and philanthropy leaders can contribute to climate and nature action, and commit to tangible outcomes.


Drive Innovation

Showcase and document innovative initiatives, where business and philanthropy have been able to scale solutions that address climate and nature goals.

Build resilient and healthy communities

The Forum will set the stage for delivering on climate and nature outcomes,  in critical areas, including:

Protecting the planet’s natural heritage and biodiversity


Creating more sustainable food systems and agriculture methods


Financing adaptation plans

The private sector holds the greatest promise to accelerate the accomplishment of our climate and nature global goals, which is why COP28 will ensure business and philanthropy are embraced as critical partners. The Business & Philanthropy Climate Forum provides this enabling platform for action, breaking down silos between sectors and connecting stakeholders from all regions of the world around game-changing outcomes underpinned by the COP28 Action Agenda. This is what is needed to deliver scalable solutions that can positively transform the lives of billions of people.

Badr Jafar
COP28 Special Representative for Business & Philanthropy

Accelerate cross-sectoral progress around
net zero and nature-positive goals

In alignment with the overarching goals and objectives of the COP28 Presidency,
BPCF provides an unprecedented opportunity for global leaders
in business and philanthropy to collaborate and innovate to achieve our goals.


Prioritizing actionable strategies and plans

The imperative to achieve agreed-upon climate and nature objectives is growing more evident by the day. However, the realization of these goals hinges on a fundamental transformation of global economic activities. To make this transformation possible, it is essential that affordable avenues for sustainable growth are made accessible to the billions of individuals who have not yet experienced the elevated quality of life that is often enjoyed in many advanced economies. To address this challenge, the Forum is committed to prioritizing actionable strategies and plans led by businesses and philanthropy designed to catalyze and foster higher rates of environmentally conscious economic expansion, particularly in regions of the Global South.

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